Why You should Pick JCCRC!

There are a lot of companies providing Classic Car Radio Serivces today. How do you know which one will provide you the service you want with the quality you expect?

Joe's Classic Car Radio Co. has been repairing, restoring, converting and custom building classic car radios for over 20 years. Our knowlege and experience allow us to not only fix the problems the radios currently has, but also provide preventative repairs for items we know to be common problems.

All Radio Services we provide are performed IN HOUSE start to finsh! Some of our competitors have an outside company/ individuals perform the services for them and then just put their company name on it. Dont pay a middle man- Deal with a company you can trust!

Full Testing of the radio- This is VERY important to providing a quality service. Many shops get the radio working, immediately ship it back and then claim short turn around times. This is a very bad practice! Every radio serviced by JCCRC is finish tested for a minimum of 72 hours. During this 72 hours the radio is tested for every function, on/off cycling, noise and Loud volume performance. No Radio leaves our shop until we are certain it will perform flawlessly for you. This may add to our turn around time, but it saves you from the headaches of dealing with a radio that doesnt function correctly!

Explore our site- You can find service descriptions, pricing, shipping instructions and more. Take some time to compare our site and services to our competitors- We are confident you will find Joe's Classic Car Radio Co. leads the pack in Quality and Service.

We look forward to building YOUR radio!