Status of Your Radio Service

To check status of your radio service in the list below please look for your "Reference Number". Your "reference Number" can be found on the invoice you received from us. Reference numbers are listed below in chronological order. Status will be updated when changes are available. Radios will be completed in order from date received.

I have created a quick Frequently Asked Questions page for service turn around time- Please take a few minutes to read it: Read FAQ >>

LAST UPDATED: 11/03/2023.

    Invoice Numbercurrent StatusExpected Completion
    USASC001604On Bench2023
    USASC001623On Bench2023
    USASC001631On Bench2023
    USASC001635Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001642In Line2023
    USASC001658Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001662Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001667In Line2023
    USASC001668Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001669Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001670Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001673Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001674Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001676Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001680Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001682Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001684Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001685Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001689Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001691Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001693In Line2023
    USASC001697Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001700Shipped 10/16/2023
    USASC001703In Line2023
    USASC001704On Bench2023
    USASC001706Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001708In Line2023
    USASC001709In Line2023
    USASC001715In Line2023
    USASC001716In Line2023
    USASC001718Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001720Shipped 10/07/2023
    USASC001721In Line2023
    USASC001724Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001725_aIn Line2023
    USASC001725_bIn Line2023
    USASC001727Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001728Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001729Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001730Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001731In Line2023
    USASC001733Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001734Strip/ Paint2023
    USASC001736In Line2023
    USASC001737In Line2023
    USASC001738In Line2023
    USASC001739In Line2023
    USASC001741In Line2023
    USASC001742In Line2023
    USASC001743In Line2023
    USASC001745In Line2023
    USASC001746In Line2023
    USASC001747In Line2023
    USASC001748In Line2023
    USASC001749In Line2023
    USASC001750In Line2023
    USASC001751In Line2023
    USASC001752In Line2023
    USASC001753In Line2023
    USASC001754In Line2023
    USASC001755In Line2023
    USASC001756In Line2023
    USASC001757In Line2023
    USASC001758In Line2023
    USASC001759In Line2023
    USASC001760In Line2023
    USASC001761In Line2023
    USASC001762In Line2023
    USASC001763In Line2023
    USASC001764In Line2023
    USASC001765In Line2023
    USASC001766In Line2023
    USASC001767In Line2023
    USASC001769In Line2023
    USASC001770In Line2023
    USASC001771In Line2023
    USASC001772In Line2023
    USASC001773In Line2023
    USASC001774In Line2023
    USASC001775In Line2023
    USASC001776In Line2023
    USASC001777In Line2023
    USASC001778In Line2023
    USASC001779In Line2023
    USASC001780In Line2023
    USASC001781_aIn Line2023
    USASC001781_bIn Line2023
    USASC001782In Line2023
    USASC001784In Line2023
    USASC001785In Line2023
    USASC001786In Line2023
    USASC001787In Line2023
    USASC001788In Line2023
    USASC001789In Line2023
    USASC001790In Line2023
    USASC001791In Line2023
    USASC001792In Line2023
    USASC001793In Line2023
    USASC001794In Line2023
    USASC001795In Line2023
    USASC001796In Line2023
    USASC001797In LineDecember 2023
    USASC001798In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001799In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001800In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001801In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001802In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001803In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001804In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001805In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001806In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001807In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001808In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001809In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001810In LineJanuary 2024
    USASC001811In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001812In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001813In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001814In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001815In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001816In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001817In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001818In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001819In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001820In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001821In LineFebruary 2024
    USASC001822In LineFebruary 2024


      Invoice Numbercurrent StatusExpected Completion
      1163-190018 In Line2023
      1173-7333 In Line2023
      1177-7264 In Line2023
      1178-7338 In Line2023
      1181-7324 In Line2023
      1185-6756 In Line2023
      1190-7245 In Line2023
      1191-7403 In Line2023
      1197-7485 In Line2023
      1198-7336 In Line2023
      1199-7478 In Line2023
      1201-7573 In Line2023
      1204-7545_d In Line2023
      1206-7545_a In Line2023
      1207-7545_b In Line2023
      1208-7545_c In Line2023

    Contacting us

    If you have any questions about your radio status please send us an email. You can contact us or email us directly at:

    We are VERY busy so turn around time ESTIMATE is 4 to 6 months. THIS IS AN ESTIMATE based on current workload and actual turn around time could vary. Please email for more information