Summer is here and many of you are inquiring about order status. I have compiled some of the common questions we have been getting for customers to review.

As Always a very special thank you to all of our customers for their extreme patience and I hope you will find when you finally recieve your radio back from service, you will agree the end result was worth the wait!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Conversion Questions:

I do my best to keep order status updated. The Estimated completion date will continue to shift until yoru radio is completed. For example, if the radio was estimated to be complete din April, but was not the date will be changed to the next expected completion time.

We try to complete orders in order they arrived with slight deviations for unexpected parts needs or complex service needs. Unfortunatley we also get a lot of demands from impatient customers. In most cases they are told they must wait or we can cancel their order, but in some cases we have to make exceptions.

We try to provide realitic dates for all orders based on current orders and expected completion time needed, but again, these dates can shift based on many factors including parts needs, unexpected complex service and special demands.

I get these type of "Notices" a lot. I have found n 90% of these cases in which we drop everything to meet this demand, we will hear back again from the customer 6 months to 1 year later stating "I am finally installing my radio and have a question...". We no longer attempt to meet these demands. The order form clearly stated turn around time is an estimate and frequently not accurate. Please be patient and your radio will get back to you as soon as we can get it done.

To clarify, your radio is not on the bench being serviced the entire time it is here- Most of the time it is on a shelf waiting its turn. Most radios take about 1 to 2 days to complete and 3 days for final testing.

Three reasons are the biggest contributers:

1: We have a lot of orders- We provide quality work and this leads to lots of orders!

2: Juggling orders- Whenever we need to juggle orders, it always slows overall progress.

3: Its down to only me in the shop. We have had issue to get competent new team members so basically all radio service, emails, shipping, invoicing, web updates ect are all handled by me (Joe).

The only way we can- No new orders. Its not a great situation for a small shop to stop taking orders, but our backlog is too long now. There are a few orders arriving which were approved for shipment previously, but for the most part the plan is no new orders until Fall 2023. Hopefully the backlog will be completely gone by then and we can get back to a normal turn around time.

Unfortunatley No. We stopped taking rush orders some time ago. It is unfair to customers patiently waiting.

NO!!!! Please done send radios to get in line for Fall 2023. I have stopped taking new orders to clear all the current backlog. Once fall arrives and we begin taking new orders, I expect orders will flood in again. Enjoy your Summer now, and contact us around September for new orders.

Yes your radio is safe here in the shop. When you sent your radio in, you should have recieved an email from me with pictures of the radio as we recieved it. The radio is logged into our system, put into a bin with all peperwork and parts and is stored on our service shelf waiting its turn on the bench. All service is handled in house so the radio does not leave our shop until it is completed